Wednesday, 24 April 2013


The all and new advance LG SPECTRUM 2 will be launch soon under the premises of Verizon mobiles. As the image ofr LG phone are not in a cetagory for good cellphones but they are hung in the cetagory of dumbphones. Facing a very fierce competition with the fellow competator (samsung) and other mobile brands LG has struggles to create a brand for himself.  Having a gorgeous display and zippy performance help the LG spectrum 2 to penetrate in the market. The battery life is quite good in comparison with LG optimus G and also have the additional ad-on's i.e wireless charging. It got a fast 4g technology with good camera specifications which gives an edge over other brands.
But if we see the negative side i.e it got a think outline with a very confusing desgin. It has a very thick profile with a poor design and a worst audio speaker.
LG should concentrate on there handsets because the other competator are very much concentrating on the new technology and new design. For the price of $99.9, you could do better, especially with Droid RAZR M, which offers better performance, a better Android experience, and JellyBean out of the box—With Verizon holiday lineup so strong this year, you can afford to be shallow.

Specifications are :
5.31 inch tall and 2.69 inch wide
5.16 ounce
a Mircro sd card slot
4.2 andriod