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Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Apple will be launching its new and more improved phone named as IPHONE 5s. As it the successor of IPHONE 5. The main thing is that did Apple changed its design or a new interfaced Iphone 5s will be launched. Most of the critiques said that Apple will not change is layout but they will going to change the hardware components. In discussion to that i think Apple with make a huge mistake but not changing the design of 5s. Some lead users said that they can't change the design of IPHONE because its a standard choice made by the consumers.
As giving SIRI technology won't increase there user , they should make and design something new which no one had done it. But on the positive side of Iphone 5S they camera quality is out of this world. In camera qaulity Apple easily beat Samsung a long way back. But camera is one chunk of its product , what about the other chunks?
On the bright side apple introduce a fast 1.2 GHz dual core processor in IPHONE 5S with 2Gb ram. The screen is smaller then the Iphone 5 but the color quality is better. It includes a IOs 7 which will be launch soon. The camera is of 13MP and 1.3 front camera which capture the entire auto focus technology.It will be having a technology of 2g , 3g and 4g which will create a breakthrough among other phones. The battery time is just as standard as other Iphone's which is 8 hr talktime and 320 hrs standby time.