Monday, 22 April 2013


Blackberry has made a comeback with Blackberry Q10 which incorporates advanced features and bunch of applications making it all attractive for its users. This phone has a simple design with QWERTY keypad underneath a high resolution, 720 by 720 pixel touchscreen which is 3.1 inch diagonally. The back of the phone is made up of soft touch plastic which adds up to the beauty of the phone.

It comprises of BB (10) operating system, very fast dual core processor, high-resolution camera capable of full HD video, extremely high pixel density screen and lots of RAM. In addition to that it is a global phone that can work on any GSM/UMTS network in the world.

We have seen a shift over the last few years in term of its users which were mostly bussiness and enterprise users but Blackberry is striving to keep up with its competitors and its future largely depends on how actively they continue in making BB10 a complete and efficient operating system.