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Friday, 26 April 2013

Alcatel One Touch Fire

Alcatel is sort of a new company which in mobile industry. The best part about Alcatel is that they always produce something which is never been done before. Ill give Alcatel 10/10 in the segment of product innovation. As one of the example is Alcatel One Touch Fire smart phone which has the Operating system of MOZILLA firefox. Like Google introduced Andriod , Alcatel is now in a business of promoting cell phone which has the OS of Mozilla Firefox. Its interface is like Apple but its size is quite small. Now a days user want big screen with miltidimensional activities to do. Alcatel should try to bring something new except the OS system .
The orange lining represents the Mozilla interface and hense tend people to look it, but the problem is that when people come to know about the internal activities , they just pass and buy someother phone.