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Wednesday, 2 July 2014


It is the new upcoming mobile from Q-mobile industry . They have great specifications including the 16 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera. It also include the 2.3 quad core processor and 2 gb ram in it. The announced price of it 35000 rupees in Pakistan. It also include 4.4 android kitkat in it . The only problem is the unsuccessful previous mobile i.e. z4.

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Samsung Galaxy TAB 3

Samsung Just recenlly launched SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB3. Many of the users were waiting for this Tablet because Samsung galaxy tab 2 wasn't hit its mark on the market. Well Samsung had made several changes before launching it and in my review Samsung had launched an excellent piece of technology. With its 10. inch HD display u can enjoy all the new technology .
Its primary camera is of 3.2 Mp and front camera is of 1.3mp which is excellent for video calling and other stuff. Its is powered with 1.6 Ghz dual core processor which clearly beat its64gb compatible memory card you can hold a lot of memory .
It comes in different sizes as well as in different colors. The SAMSUNG galaxy tab 3 p5200 come with the 3g sim which helps for the video calling anywhere at any time. With its 1Gb ram it goes as fast as lightning. Lead user have the information that this tablet will be available by the end of July . The best part of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is that it is equipped with 4.2.2 jelly bean android which is the latest among all. Its battery timings are quite good when we compare it to the other tabs

In my recommendation Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is a phenomenal device to use and as well as to carry along.
predecessor. Samsung is the best company when we talk about making the tablets . With its

HTC 606W

HTC will be announcing its new creation named as HTC 606W.  This phone is in the rumored department, some people say it will be launch soon and some are saying its just a rumored. Well its a nice phone according to the specification what has been leaked out. The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 which the the most fastest among the latest phones even samsung new released mobiles are also using it. The best part of this mobile is basically its thinness. They have reduced the weight and the increased it PPI i.e pixel per inch. HTC 606W will be the new mobile which will fight against Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.

With 1 Gb ram its processing speed is quite high. The internal storage is 16Gb which is quite high for the phone of the capability. The major issue will be of battery because HTC makes one of the worst battery among all the new brands and phones. Htc should be told that their battery life is ridiculous. Samsung Have an edge over HTC because of the battery timing. I recommend HTC to make its battery worthwhile.
Its display is of 4.3inch and they have included the newest software in it which is andriod jelly bean 4.2.2.
The screen is protected with the TFT captive screen which is the newest technology.

Currently this phone will be available in black with the blue outline on its sides. HTC 606W is the phone of its class if they have installed new battery with extra timimgs.

Thursday, 18 July 2013


Sony just launched its new xperia Z on 17th July 13. Sony Xperia is making remarkable phones in the industry of smartphones. I say it will take time for Sony Xperia series to be in a match with SAMSUNG AND HTC. Sony xperia Z contain 5inch HD display with 16 million colors. The best part of SONY XPERIA mobiles is that they have a huge pixel density unlike other vendor of smartphones. SONY XPERIA Z have 441 ppi which the highest among all the other smartphones. Its rear view camera is 13.1 MP and front view camera is 2.2MP.  The process chipset is QUALCOMM processor which is quite fast. 
Like HTC sony xperia is a company which install poor batteries. The battery time is quite low in sony xperia's mobile. They can give you extraordinary colors and pixel density but they lack behind in the battery sections
For user Sony xperia is an excellent mobile with new and advance technology used in it and its android version is 4.1.1  which is up gradable to 4.2.2 jelly bean. 


Era of samsung and htc is about to end as LG has announced the launch date of LG OPTIMUS G2.
As the blogger and analyst i would be 100% sure that LG optimus G2 will be the mobile of the year. It is equipped with the 5.2 inch full hd technology with an amazing 13MP camera. Its is equipped with Snapdragon 800 which the fastest of the fastest among the world's smartphones.

The best part of the LG optimus G2 unlike HTC and SAMSUNG had make a mistake in their new mobiles is that the battery time and the battery size is much more bigger then others, It contain a 2540 maH battery which will last for 2-3 days. The processor is of QUAD CORE KRAIT 400 which is quite fast.

Rumour has it that it will be launched on 7th of August 2013.
I would recommend that Among SAMSUNG AND HTC people should try LG phones because they are back in the business by introducing their new creation with LG OPTIMUS G2.


Now Samsung had recently launched its new phone named as SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 ZOOM. Now the zoom word has been added just because of the advance and new technology rear camera which is 16MP. Samsung had created this mobile without putting up thoughts. As after HTC they want to compete with nokia. Nokia recently launched its new mobile with 42MP camera with some amazing level of details.
Its display type is SUPER AMOLED with TFT touch technology. Its internal memory is 8GB and with 1.5 GB ram. The design of this mobile is quite poor because we live in a world of thin mobiles and SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 ZOOM is thick in its nature.
Now the defects of the mobile: as the first issue is of the battery because with huge amount of photos taken and with all the editing more and more battery will consume and ultimately it will drain out in no time . Secondly with the dual core processor the processing speed should be of QUAD CORE processor .
With this price range customers can easily buy Nikon or Canon DSLR camera's. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Samsung have decided that they will launch Samsung Galaxy S4 MINI with a 4.3 inch display screen.
It will contain the latest technology of SUPER AMOLED which is the fastest technology present. The best thing about SAMSUNG is its battery timing, unlike HTC , samsung is putting a lot thoughts in the battery time which the edge point of Samsung over HTC. The screen is best of the best as it is equipped with scratch less resistant glass and they guarantee you on their scratch less technology. Its processor will be the fastest as it is equipped with QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGON 400. Its built in storage is 8gb which is less then HTC ONE MINI.
It contain 8mp rear camera and 1.9 mp front camera which is also greater than HTC ONE MINI. Its pixel density is less as compare to HTC ONE MINI as of  233 ppi.
Samsung Galaxy S4 MINI is phenomenal phone with all the new gadgets and technology , i hope SAMSUNG would reduce prices on this piece.

My review : it will be better then HTC ONE MINI because of the new specification and handling and most importantly the battery.


HTC recently publish that they will launch HTC ONE MINI for the users who don't like big display. Android latest version (4.2) will be in it and it is equip with dual core. HTC ONE mini have a very less battery as compare to other smart mini phones. Samsung launched its Samsung Galaxy S3 MINI so HTC also have to launch its mini phone so they have decided by the end of 2013 they will launch HTC ONE MINI.
Colors are exquisite as compare to samsung. It have a pixel density of 342 ppi that is more then Samsung Galaxy s3 mini. Its built in storage is of 16gb and can easily be transferred to the memory card. Now the Best thing about HTC ONE MINI is that it contain a front camera of 1.6 mega pixel, which is the highest in the mini phones.
HTC one mini is also contain a new version of HTC SENSE 5.0 UI which is the lastest among all the HTC phones.
The problem lies in the battery of HTC, as i already mentioned in my blog about other HTC phones. HTC should make batteries which should be long lasting and does not create a sense of irritation. HTC ONE MINI contain a 1700 mAH battery which is less. It also contain a light sensor and proximity sensor.
In my review HTC ONE MINI is an excellent phone but with less battery .

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

HTC Rezound constant update problem/ turning on and off

HTC Rezound is the Verizon cellular phone. The problem most of the user having is when they turned on their phone the home screen appeared and then it restarts again. The reason of this problem is when the phone turns on the wrong cellular radio. Verizon is expecting a lot of problems regarding this issue.
For the issue of the automatically turning ON and OFF is because of the antenna problem in the built in phone.
To solve it open the back of the phone where all the antenna's are place , start the phone and then dial *#*#4636#*#* 

when u dial it a manu will appear and then select the "set preferences network type"
select the CDMA/ LTE EVO AUTO
Restart the phone and you are good to go


Rumour has it HTC will launch its new product known as HTC T6 in the end of 2013 or in the start of 2014. HTC T6 sketch has been out last week and it looks like HTC one . All the specifications are of HTC one x and even though the design is quite of the resemblance. The display size has been enormous , it include 5.9 inch of the lcd and with excellent colors. 
It include 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, which is the fastest among the other HTC phone. I have to give HTC one credit that they make phenomenal smartphones but the defect lies in there battery system. HTC T6 is the smartphone of the era because it is the fastest phone ever invented. Its camera results are mind blowing and people will definitely buy HTC T6 because of the specification it holds.   

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The All New HTC DESIRE 200

The all new HTC DESIRE 200 is the upcoming HTC collection mobiles. Its released date is in September but its prototype already has been launched. The review of HTC DESIRE 200 is quite fascinating because it is a very delegate mobile with 3.5 inch display. A lot of new stuff has been introduced in HTC DESIRE 200 which hasn't been included before in this kind of HTC mobiles.
Now when we analyse it, HTC DESIRE 200 will be the top ranked mobile of 2013 because of its outlook and the best thing that HTC have done i.e they INCREASES its BATTERY time which was the biggest Flaw in HTC mobile. HTC DESIRE 200 is the predecessor of HTC DESIRE mobile series and among them HTC DESIRE 200 will be the most successful mobile    

Samsung Galaxy ACE 3

Samsung will be launching its Galaxy ace3 in the mid of July 2013. Its like an ordinary phone which Samsung make to compete it with the flanker brands. Its display is of 4.0 with 233ppi pixel density and easy to carry with long lasting battery. It start with one color i.e black but Samsung will launch its white color soon in the coming year. The flaw in this phone is basically the rear camera , it is of 5.0 MP with auto focus and multi touch.
Its current rating is 7.2/10 which is above average. As samsung should concentrate on the body density and design of its new upcoming phone. As it shows the monotonous shape unlike HTC, which changes its mobile shapes twice or even thrice a year. The edge that Samsung got is the battery life .

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2

Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 is the newest phone that samsung had launched. It was launched on 12 July 13. A smart phone is excellent quality and battery life. Its contain a display of 4.0 inches , include the newest android version of 4.1 (jellybean). Its pixel density is 233 ppi which also make it a multi touch phone.
The flaw in this phone is basically the camera , it contain a 5Mp rear camera which doesn't take good pics as compare to HTC. Youtube and picassa has been already installed in it which make the life of the user more comfortable while using it.
It also contain a GPS and A-GPS which helps the user to find his desire location

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular

Apple recently launched its new Gadget known as Apple iPad mini WIFI+ cellular. We have always heard that Apple Ipad is the device which cannot hold a cellular service but Apple repositioned its new Ipad by giving a new touch of cellular.
As a market leader Apple made a very smart choice by putting a Nano Sim card in the device and targeted those people who wants a mobile with a large screen and fast workability. Ipad Mini Wifi +cellular is extraordinary thin and with its metallic looked aluminium casing , gives a protocol look.
Apple must be using IOs 6 in it because its a just launched mobile+pad so new technology comes with the new operating system.
The biggest disadvantage is that there is no memory slot availible in it like other Apple devices which gives a negative remark by the consumer. Its built in memory is not always sufficient for the consumer to use it.
HTC and NOKIA develop there devices which can hold a memory card as well have the internal memory too.