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Thursday, 25 April 2013


HTC has launched 8S with the collaboration with WINDOWS 8 and this phone is incredibly beautiful. HTC 8S has broken the market because its was launched before SAMSUNG ATIV S. Its is availible in a wild blue color which gives an extraordinary impression over the customer and tend him to buy it. 

The HTC 8S now has a number of competitors in the Windows Phone 8 space. Its main rivals are the Nokia Lumia 620 and the Lumia 520.
It got a 1GHz dual core processor with which capabilities works like a light. It got a 1Gb ram which is quite less as compare to other smartphones. A 5Mp camera is installed with 720 video quality. The internal storage is 4Gb which is the biggest drawback of this mobile. A 

Gorilla glass display gives a stiff look towards the LCD of the cellphone. 
The drawbacks are : it got a very less battery time which will tend the customer to move towards other smartphones. Due to the load, its browsing area is comparatively slow and makes an another drawback. As discussed above the internal memory is only 4GB and no other memory slot is availible and to add one more drawback smart dailing is excluded from it.
So I would suggest that HTC 8S is a great phone but this cons are much more greater than its pros.