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Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Its quite surprising that Apple will be launching Ipad 4 instead of ipad 3 mini. The main reason is launching Ipad 4 is that the end users were getting annoyed and distrubed by the usage of Ipad 3. So instead of launching Ipad 3 mini they have launched Ipad 4. Apple made a wise decision in regarding this because they faced a very huge amount of lose in IPHONE 5 and iphone 4s. 
In comparison of Ipad 3 and Ipad 4, it's clear that this new model is more of a tweak than a brand-new product. Ipad 4 is light weight as compared to Ipad 3 and have that amazing lighting effects which were not present in Ipad 3.
While talking about Ipad 3 processor it includes a AX5 processor but Ipad 4 have the latest technology which is AX6. The speed is quite fast as compare to the previous one. 
With every transition and operation the Apple Ipad 4 is quite smooth and run faster and dont have any sort of problems. It include a retina display which goes with you eyes. A 1080 back facing camera which play a phenomenal and incredibly cystal display video and have the 720 front camera for skype and other things.

The tag lines which are floating on internet is that Ipad 4 is the ipad 3 but have few changes
The iPad 4 begins at $499 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi model and $629 for the 16 GB 4G LTE model. And as with previous installments, adding more storage will increase the price by $100 increments..