Wednesday, 24 April 2013


HTC Butterfly is the phone which turns the table for HTC phones. Htc Butterfly is the phone which created a fuss in the whole mobile market. Htc wonderfully designed this phone keeping in view of the customer perceptions. It has an impressive design and it also include the audio beats with an excellent quality of voice and speakers.The main part of this phone which is the source of attraction for the viewers is that it has the 5inch LCD with 441ppi pixel density.

The drawback of this phone is that its battery life is very less , the most it can go is 5-6 hrs maximum. Thats is the most vital drawback from the customer mind of view. As of its beautiful colors and phenomenal design , Htc Butterfly faced a huge amount of loss for not bothering about this battery. HTC made a same mistake when they were developing HTC DESIRE HD(battery life).

The specifications are
.  5inch with HD display
.  2020maH battery
.  audio beats
.  8MP camera
.  4.11 andriod