Wednesday, 17 July 2013


HTC recently publish that they will launch HTC ONE MINI for the users who don't like big display. Android latest version (4.2) will be in it and it is equip with dual core. HTC ONE mini have a very less battery as compare to other smart mini phones. Samsung launched its Samsung Galaxy S3 MINI so HTC also have to launch its mini phone so they have decided by the end of 2013 they will launch HTC ONE MINI.
Colors are exquisite as compare to samsung. It have a pixel density of 342 ppi that is more then Samsung Galaxy s3 mini. Its built in storage is of 16gb and can easily be transferred to the memory card. Now the Best thing about HTC ONE MINI is that it contain a front camera of 1.6 mega pixel, which is the highest in the mini phones.
HTC one mini is also contain a new version of HTC SENSE 5.0 UI which is the lastest among all the HTC phones.
The problem lies in the battery of HTC, as i already mentioned in my blog about other HTC phones. HTC should make batteries which should be long lasting and does not create a sense of irritation. HTC ONE MINI contain a 1700 mAH battery which is less. It also contain a light sensor and proximity sensor.
In my review HTC ONE MINI is an excellent phone but with less battery .